Judge Peter Peaquin has more than three decades of experience in the trial courts of King County, and now as a District Court Judge, he is uniquely qualified to serve in this Court.

A native of Manhattan, Peter was blessed with a family of humble means, but with great empathy for others. He was encouraged to always “choose to believe the best in people, rather than thinking the worst of them.” As a young man, Peter struggled to overcome a stutter, but he confronted the challenge head-on by choosing a career as a trial lawyer. This has allowed Peter to empathize with others who face similar personal challenges in their lives.

After graduating from Tulane Law School, Peter ultimately decided to head west to Seattle where he embarked on a career as a Public Defender in the trial courts of King County. Known for his consistently respectful demeanor and his vigorous but caring representation of those accused of crime, Judge Peaquin distinguished himself by showing unfailing compassion for the challenges faced by those who find themselves caught up in our justice system. His clients routinely faced childhood trauma, alcoholism, poverty, addiction, mental health issues, homelessness, interrupted education, and unemployment. His 30+ years as an advocate, along with his service as a Judge Pro Tem and District Court Commissioner, made Peter Peaquin uniquely qualified to step into the role of a District Court Judge.

Peter and his wife of 32 years, Patty Peaquin, who is the Human Resources Manager of a major law firm, reside in Kirkland, and their 25 year-old daughter, Kate, is pursuing a Masters Degree in Econometrics at the London School of Economics.